Statistics for CCP

As you can see, my website hasn’t been around for that long, just over a year. But at least I have written more than 110 articles since then. So the number of visitors and hits is still a bit low. But that’s not surprising, since there are only very few bloggers in the German speaking countries anyway and there is not necessarily a huge audience for our posts.
Additionally I had the problem that I had no time to play in the months of September and October due to my job and therefore couldn’t write any posts. I hope that you can somehow include this fact in your evaluation.


Unfortunately I only have the statistics from Jetpack so far. However, I have now installed a better statistics tool to be able to provide better figures in case I am rejected and would like to apply again.
In the meantime I have also started an Instagram account and hope that it will work better some day.
A Youtube channel is also in preparation, but I still have to put a lot of work into it.